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Rackballers Summer Game #2 Recap

June 8th, 2010

In what seemed like a month long break the Rackballers were back on the City of Plano Softball field last night facing off against the 1-0 Sigs team.  The game time temperature was somewhere in the 90s with the Sun blazing down on the field.  The full 11 man Rackballer roster came out to play a game and hopefully go home with a win.  The Rackballers won their first game 15-0 against El Tri, and earlier that same night the Sigs beat the Snakefarmers 13-6.

Defensively the Rackballers played solid.  There were a couple of mistakes throughout the game, but no errors.  The left side of the outfield saw a lot of action, but Harrison and Gene were up to the challenge.  Any ball that was catchable was caught, and anything that wasn’t was at least kept in play.  Harrison made a double play by catching  a fly ball and throwing out an itchy runner at second.  On top of that Harrison also managed to make a pin point throw to home that would’ve seen the runner thrown out had the thrown not been dropped.  Honestly that’s a hard play to make when you have fifty billion things going on in your head.  The infield played solid all night in spite of a couple of crazy bounces that saw David get hit in his shoulder and Sherman’s head nearly getting taken off.  The Sigs ended the game with 11 runs total.

On the flip side of things the Rackballers struggled offensively.  The 1-4 hitters went 3-12 for the game.  That right there should tell you how things went, but really the top 4 hitters just had a hard time finding the gaps.  The later part of the game saw the Rackballers bats heated up and started to put some runs on the board.  The ball was flying off the Rackballers bats right into the gloves of the Sigs.  Give the Sigs credit they played solid defensively the whole game.

This week’s player of the game honor goes to Dan who played a solid game a short and went 2-3 with a triple and an RBI.  The Rackballers next game is Monday night at 8 on field 3 against the 1-1 Snakefarmers.

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