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Summer League Softball: Rackballers Game #1 Recap

May 25th, 2010

The Summer softball season started last night and it started with a bang.  Let me first recap what has happened between the end of the Spring season to the start of  the Summer.  Eight guys returned from the Spring softball team.  The return players are myself, Tim, Kevin, Gene, Jonathan, Sherman, Anthony, and David.  Two guys left the team and haven’t been seen from since.  Then there’s five guys who left and started their own team.  This new team is called the Snakefarmers and has Michael, Jack, Geno, Brandon, and Logan on the team.  Thanks to a call to the City of Plano it was arranged that the Rackballers are in the same division as the Snakefarmers.  To make up for the lose of those seven players four more guys were added to the roster.  Everyone say hello to Andrew, Harrison, Jason, and Dan.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s move on to the recap of game #1.  The Rackballers played last night at 9 PM on field 3 against El Tri.  It was evident early on in the game that El Tri had an extremely little amount of experience playing softball.  Normally in the recap I would talk about how the Rackballers played offensively and defensively.  Unfortunately, there’s really not much to write about.  El Tri was a very bad team with barely any experience.  The Rackballers run ruled El Tri in four innings 15-0.

The real story of the game came in the bottom of the fourth inning with one out in a 12-0 ball game.  Kevin came to bat and hit a ground ball over to the short stop.  The short stop scooped the grounder up and threw a bullet over to first base.  The first basemen couldn’t reach the ball and it deflected off the tip of the first basemen’s glove and hit Kevin square on the forehead.  Kevin hit the ground shortly after that.  Thankfully Kevin didn’t black out and his forehead started to swell.  Kevin didn’t have a concussion and wasn’t bleeding internally.  Kevin is now sporting a big lump and an imprint of the softball on his head.  For taking one for the team Kevin is this week’s Player of the Game.

The Rackballers next game is on June 7th at 8 PM on field 3 against the 1-0 Sigs.

Clip of the Day 1/18/10

January 18th, 2010

It’s open season on Jay Leno!  First Jimmy Kimmel impersonates him for a whole night, then he gets interviewed by Leno where he rips him a new one.  Conan is having a field day slamming NBC for their crazy backwards thinking.  Everyone at the Golden Globes made fun of Leno and NBC.  Now comes this old footage of a very “gracious” Jay Leno five years ago talking about his decision to leave the show to Conan.  Is Jay Leno the biggest Rackballer ever?  Wondering what a Rackballer is?  Well it’s pretty much a Douchebag.  Click one of the links to learn more.  Enjoy the video.

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