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Fantasy of the Week: Beyonce

May 28th, 2010

Why Not?

Fantasy of the Week: Sofia Vergara

May 21st, 2010

Modern Family’s first season ended this past season.  The show was inventive, creative, and funny.  Oh, … the show also had Sofia Vergara in it.

Fantasy of the Week: Brooklyn Decker

May 14th, 2010

Tell me how Katy Perry is #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list and Brooklyn Decker is #2.  Can anyone explain this?

Fantasy of the Week: Scarlett Johansson

May 7th, 2010

We’re keeping the Iron Man 2 theme going with Scar Jo.

Fantasy of the Week: Danneel Harris

April 30th, 2010

Today’s Woman of the Week has been in One Tree Hill, Harold and Kumar 2, and Fired Up.  Not the most impressive resume in the world, but what are you going to do about it?  However, I do suggest renting out Ten Inch Hero.  Not a fantastic movie, but it’s not that bad either.  You’ll thank me later.

Fantasy of the Week: Diora Baird

April 23rd, 2010

Diora Baird has been in several big time movies.  She was in Wedding Crashers, Star Trek, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.  Granted most of them were bit parts, but give credit where credit is due.

Fantasy of the Week: Jessie James

April 16th, 2010

Here is a young country singer named Jessie James.  She is our woman of the week thanks to the request for

Fantasy of the Week: Keeley Hazell

April 9th, 2010

Keeley Keeley KEELEY!  This woman of the week is a British bombshell that goes by the name Keeley Hazell.  She’s trying to get into movies over here.  I hope she makes it.

Fantasy of the Week: Elisha Cuthbert

April 2nd, 2010

If you don’t understand why Elisha Cuthbert is this week’s woman then you should go rent out The Girl Next Door.

Fantasy of the Week: Mila Kunis

March 26th, 2010

Have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, That 70s Show, Max Payne, The Book of Eli, or Extract?  If not than I give you Mila Kunis.

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