Rackballers Game #5

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It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday.  The birds were chirping and the dogs were humping.  It was clear that it was going to be a great day.  Once the Rackballers 7 PM game started up it was cold, windy, and overcast.  It did not set the tone one would expect for such a glorious night.

The wind was swirling and made it very difficult for the two pitchers to throw strikes.  The Rackballers starting pitcher was Logan who settled down after a first inning that saw the first home run for or against the Rackballers all season.  Funny enough the second homer of the season came two innings later and was actually considered an out due to league rules.  That was the longest out of the season.  The Rackballers played solid defense throughout the whole game.  There were the usual errors during the game, but the team didn’t let it get them down.  Most of the balls were hit towards Gene over a shortstop.  He was as solid as ever and the three headed 1st baseman of Kyle, Michael, and Kevin did a great job of catching the throws.  The real story of the defense was the pitching.  With the wind swirling as bad as it was it would’ve been easy for Logan to start walking player after player.  Instead he adjusted to the wind and kept pitching beautifully arcing pitches that the Coaflectic Visigoths just couldn’t resist.  When you have a team strike out a couple of times, hit a few dribblers where the catcher scoops and throws, and a few straight pop ups to the pitcher, you know you’re pitching well.

The hitting from the Rackballers can be summed up best with the word PATIENCE.  The Rackballers were more than willing to let the Coaflectic Visigoths pitcher walk them.  And that’s exactly what he did.  When runners were in scoring position the Rackballer bats would wake up for timely hits.  It was an impressive effort from the once dormant offense.  It seems like a distant memory that this team once scored three total runs (all in the 1st inning of the 1st game) in 3 games.  The effort shown by the Rackballers last night was impressive.  In fact Cody hurt himself sliding into third base after the ball hit him in the knuckles and his leg got cut up.  You can always count on Cody to hurt something during a game.

In case you hadn’t caught on by the tone of this recap the Rackballers won last night 15-11.  It was the Rackballers first win of the season, but surely not their last.  Logan was the player of the game because of his incredible pitching and timely hitting.  The Rackballers next game is next Monday at 8 PM on field 8 against Sons of Pitches.


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  1. RackBaller says:

    jack’s left handed hitting was nothing short of miraculous…. and his untimely error was an inspiration to special olympians everywhere.

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