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It was suggested to me that I post the Top 5 Pizza Places in Dallas.  This list is specific to restaurants in the DFW area that are not national chain restaurants.  By the way, I could use more suggestions for top 5 lists or food places to try.

5.  Pizza by Marco – The crust is thin and crispy.  The toppings are fresh and piled on.  All in all a very solid pizza.

4.  Sal’s – The pizza is classic New York style, but it’s the stromboli that bumps this restaurant into the top 5.

3.  Andrea’s Pizza – They make a standard New York style pizza, but it wouldn’t make a top 5 lists.  However, get the thick crust and somehow the pizza is three times better.

2.  Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – If you haven’t tried this then you should take a trip to uptown and try a slice of heaven.  Maybe it has to do with the coal brick oven they use.

1.  Chicago Street Pizza – The BEST Chicago style pizza in town.  If you’re not sure what Chicago style pizza is then let me describe it the best way I can.  Thick thick crust topped with layers of cheese and toppings, then covered with pizza sauce.  It’s amazing!



  1. RackBaller says:

    Gino’s East in Chicago and Frank Pepe’s in New Haven are the 2 best pizza places on earth.

    Just this RackBallers opinion.

  2. UofAAlumni says:

    I protest these rankings! Why is Sals on the list when their crust, although well cooked, is largely tasteless? Also, theyre getting entry onto the list for their stromboli? Cmon Fantasy Champ, this list should be strictly for pizza performance!

  3. Kyle says:

    Then what would be your top 5? You dirty Arizonian.

  4. Kevin says:

    Josh would probably want a couple of Vegan pizza places on the list. Ones with pepperoni that isn’t really pepperoni…

  5. Tim says:

    UofAAlumni = Josh = Vegan. I love it.

    Be aggressive! Be, be aggressive!

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