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It’s November! Hopefully November will be better than 7-6.

November 2nd, 2008

7-6 isn’t bad, but it’s really not that great.  Still I’m doing better than Tim’s picks so far this year.  I mean he hasn’t picked one right yet.

Sunday Games                                                  My Picks
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (-5.5)                         New York Jets
Detroit at Chicago (-12.5)                                    Detroit
Jacksonville (-7.5) at Cincinnati                             Jacksonville
Baltimore at Cleveland (-1.5)                                 Baltimore
Arizona (-2.5) at St. Louis                                   Arizona
Houston at Minnesota (-4.5)                                   Minnesota
Green Bay at Tennessee (-6.5)                                 Green Bay
Tampa Bay (-8.5) at Kansas City                               Tampa Bay
Miami at Denver (-3.5)                                        Denver
Dallas at New York Giants (-7.5)                              Dallas
Philadelphia (-6.5) at Seattle                                Philadelphia
Atlanta (-2.5) at Oakland                                     Atlanta
New England at Indianapolis (-5.5)                            New England
Monday Night Game
 Pittsburgh at Washington (-2.5)                              Washington
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