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September 28th, 2008

Here we go another week and another way to lose a ton of money.  So without further ado lets get to my horrible picks.

Sunday Games                                             My Picks
Cleveland at Cincinnati (-3.5)                           Cincinnati
Minnesota at Tennessee (-3.5)                            Tennessee
Denver (-9.5) at Kansas City                             Kansas City
San Francisco at New Orleans (-6.5)                      San Francisco
Arizona at New York Jets (-2.5)                          New York Jets
Green Bay at Tampa Bay (-1.5)                            Green Bay
Atlanta at Carolina (-7.5)                               Carolina
Houston at Jacksonville (-7.5)                           Jacksonville
San Diego (-7.5) at Oakland                              San Diego
Buffalo (-8.5) at St. Louis                              St. Louis
Washington at Dallas (-11.5)                             Washington
Philadelphia (-3.5) at Chicago                           Philadelphia
Monday Night Game
Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-7.5)                           Pittsburgh

You can be good every week? Right?

September 21st, 2008

Last week I went 7-8, which totally balances out the week I had in week 1.  I told you in week 1 that more than likely if you follow my picks then you’ll lose money.  I guess we’ll see how this week goes.


Game                                                              My Picks

Sunday Games


Kansas City at Atlanta (-4.5)                           Atlanta

Oakland at Buffalo (-8.5)                                 Buffalo

Tampa Bay at Chicago (-3.5)                          Tampa Bay

Houston at Tennessee (-4.5)                            Tennessee

Carolina at Minnesota (-3.5)                            Carolina

Miami at New England (-12.5)                         New England

Cincinnati at New York Giants (-13.5)             Cincinnati

Arizona at Washington (-3.5)                            Arizona

New Orleans at Denver (-5.5)                          New Orleans

Detroit at San Francisco (-3.5)                         San Francisco

St. Louis at Seattle (-9.5)                                 Seattle

Cleveland at Baltimore (-1.5)                           Cleveland

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (-2.5)                        Pittsburgh

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (-5.5)                     Indianapolis

Dallas (-2.5) at Green Bay                               Green Bay


Monday Night

New York Jets at San Diego (-8.5)                  New York Jets

10-6! Um … luck can happen I guess.

September 14th, 2008

Well the biggest surprise last week wasn’t Tom Brady’s injury or Michael Turner making Detroit look like a pop warner football team, but rather the fact that I went 10-6 on my picks.  I hope you listened to me and put all of your life savings on those games.  If you had done that then you would be sitting pretty good this week.  A little tip this week is don’t put all your hard earned money on these picks.  So good luck and hopefully you’re not starting Matt Cassell.



Game                                                                   My Picks


Sunday Games

Tennessee at Cincinnati (-1.5)                              Tennessee

New Orleans at Washington (-.5)                                New Orleans

Chicago at Carolina (-3.5)                                     Carolina

Buffalo at Jacksonville (-6.5)                                          Buffalo

Green Bay (-2.5) at Detroit                                       Green Bay

Oakland at Kansas City (-3.5)                                          Kansas City

NYG (-8.5) at St. Louis                                               St. Louis

Indianapolis (-1.5) at Minnesota                                Indianapolis

San Francisco at Seattle (-8.5)                                    San Francisco

Atlanta at Tampa Bay (-8.5)                                          Tampa Bay

New England at NYJ (-2.5)                                       NYJ

Miami at Arizona (-6.5)                                      Miami

San Diego (-2.5) at Denver                                      San Diego

Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Cleveland                                             Pittsburgh


Monday Night Game

Philadelphia at Dallas (-6.5)                                         Philadelphia

Running Backs Apparently Love to Share.

September 5th, 2008

So let me start off by saying that in previous years I have drafted a RB in the 1st round, 2nd round, and 3rd round, but not this year.  This year is different because so many teams are doing the stupid running back committee crap.  Whatever happened to the good ole days where a starting running back was a starting running back?  Now we’ve got this he’s a starter but might not get more carries than the back up.  In this new day in age running backs are still valued, but just not as high as they once were.  I would say there are probably only 5 running backs that are locks week in and week out.  The rest of the bunch is a match-up or wait and see philosophy.  So without further ado I give you my running back rankings.


  1. LaDainian Tomlinson – Easily the most consistent and dominant RB in the game.
  2. Brian Westbrook – Westbrook doesn’t have LT or AD talent, but he’s consistent and he’s the only and I mean only weapon that the Eagles have.
  3. Adrian Peterson – People talk about him being injury-proned and sometimes inconsistent, but I say that he’s a freak of nature.
  4. Steven Jackson – He’s a big power back who can catch.  I believe the last running back Al Saunders had that was like that was Priest Holmes.
  5. Marshawn Lynch – He’s consistent, productive, and young.  The only downside is he sees a lot of 8 man fronts.
  6. Marion Barber III– He may share carries with freak Felix Jones, but he’s still the guy.  He’ll get 1200 yards rushing and double digit TDs to go with his receiving yards.
  7. Joseph Addai – I’m not a huge fan because he has a tendency to get banged up, but he’s fast and has Peyton Manning at QB.
  8. Clinton Portis – People always over look him and he always puts up good numbers.  He’ll get 1300 yards rushing and 10 TDs.
  9. Larry Johnson – He may get 30 carries a game, but the Chiefs offense sucks and he’ll see a ton of 8 man fronts.
  10. Ryan Grant – He plays on a very good offense and with Favre gone he should get more carries.
  11. Frank Gore – He’s a big back in a Mike Martz offense.  Normally that’s a bad thing, but he’s San Francisco’s only option.
  12. Willie Parker – Fast Willie has to deal with Mendenhall, but he’ll still get 25-30 touches a game.  He’s too good not to get him touches.
  13. Maurice Jones Drew – He still has to contend with Fred Taylor, but lets be honest he’s better than Taylor.  He’ll get 900 yards rushing and 400 yards receiving.
  14. Darren McFadden – McFreaky as I like to call him.  He could be the second coming of Bo Jackson, but more than likely he’ll be the second coming of AD.
  15. Thomas Jones – Brett Favre ensures less 8 man fronts, plus a revamped o-line ensures bigger running lanes.
  16. Willis McGahee – Assuming he’ll stay healthy, which I don’t, he should put up good solid numbers.  That’s assuming he’ll stay healthy.
  17. Brandon Jacobs – He’s a huge bruiser!  He scores touchdowns!  He gets hurt often?!?
  18. Earnest Graham – I’m not as convinced as Tim is about Graham.  I think there’s a good chance he’s a one season wonder, but I still think he’ll at least get a fair shot to prove me wrong.
  19. Laurence Maroney – Will he consistently get 20 carries a game?  No.  Does Belichick like him?  I don’t think so.  Is he better than Lamont Jordan?  Sure … why not.
  20. Michael Turner – Say hello to 8 man fronts because of a rookie QB.  At least he’ll get plenty of carries.  Think Chester Taylor stats before AD showed up in Minny.
  21. Edgerrin James – He’s still playing?  At least he can stay young by hitting up keggers with Leinart.
  22. Lendale White – He won’t get the same amount of carries as he did last year because of Chris Johnson.  He will at least get goal line carries.
  23. Reggie Bush – I don’t like him at all.  He’ll be lucky to get 800 rushing yards, and more than likely he’ll get hurt for 4 weeks mid way through the season.
  24. Matt Forte – Someone has to get the carries in Chicago.  Right?
  25. Ricky Williams – The weed smoker gets a good chance to start in Miami.

Predictions that will horrify and amaze you!

September 4th, 2008

Yeah that’s right … I predict seasons also.

AFC East

1.  New England

2.  New York Jets

3.  Buffalo Bills

4.  Miami Dolphins

AFC North

1.  Cleveland Browns

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers

3.  Cincinnati Bengals

4.  Baltimore Ravens

AFC South

1.  Indianapolis Colts

2.  Jacksonville Jaguars

3.  Houston Texans

4.  Tennessee Titans

AFC West

1.  San Diego Chargers

2.  Denver Broncos

3.  Oakland Raiders

4.  Kansas City Chiefs

Wild Card Teams

1.  New York Jets

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC Champion

New England Patriots

NFC East

1.  Dallas Cowboys

2.  Philadelphia Eagles

3.  New York Giants

4.  Washington Redskins

NFC North

1.  Green Bay Packers

2.  Minnesota Vikings

3.  Chicago Bears

4.  Detroit Lions

NFC South

1.  New Orleans Saints

2.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3.  Carolina Panthers

4.  Atlanta Falcons

NFC West

1.  Seattle Seahawks

2.  Arizona Cardinals

3.  St. Louis Rams

4.  San Fransisco 49ers

Wild Card Teams

1.  Philadelphia Eagles

2.  Arizona Cardinals

NFC Champion

Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl Champs

Dallas Cowboys






September 4th, 2008

The season starts today, so it’s my last chance to announce my Sleeper Picks.  In my case, “Sleeper Picks” means players who will outperform their draft spots, not just players who are totally under the radar.


Anthony Gonzalez – Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Marvin Harrison will ever be able to play without knee pain.  Harrison is currently #2 on the depth chart.  This will change when reality intrudes and it’s obvious that Harrison just can’t be as productive as he was prior to the injury.  Which opens the door for Anthony Gonzalez to have a 3/4s of year of production similar to his last five games of last season (22 rec for 370 yards and 3 TDs).

Jerry Porter - News flash: Reggie Williams totally stinks.  Porter is the lone Jags’ WR with talent.  In some leagues, Porter’s not even being drafted, probably because he’s out for week 1, recovering from a knee injury.  But after his knee heals (around week 3 or 4) he’ll produce like a WR3 at best WR2.

Santoio Holmes – He’s a sleeper in the sense that I see him as a Top 10 WR, not just a Top 20 WR.

Bernard Berrian – Despite Tarvaris Jackson’s lackluster development and performance, Berrian will have a good year.  For some reason, people don’t seem to realize he’s the #1 WR on the Vikings.  Kyle and I have seen Sydney Rice and Nate Burleson go ahead of Berrian in multiple leagues, which is just incomprehensible to me.

Finally, I agree with Kyle about Bryant Johnson.  #1 receivers in Mike Martz offenses have awesome fantasy production.


Rashard Mendenhall – Outside McFadden, I like him and his situation the best of all the rookie RBs.  Chris Johnson is someone whom I can see outperforming the other rookies as well.

Fred Taylor and Edgerrin James – Easy to forget, but they are far less risky this year than any rookie RB (outside McFadden).

Laurence Maroney – Like Taylor and James, Maroney is far less risky than any rookie RB, together with great upside thanks to his role as primary RB in the League’s best offense.


Eli Manning – Boom!  Not as good as the playoff Eli, but not as terrible as late-season Eli either.

Aaron Rodgers – The packers are one of the best teams in the NFC.  Rodgers just has to show up, and Jennings, Driver, Jones, and Grant will get him great numbers.

Matt Schaub, Jake Delhomme, Jason Campbell – I think each of these QBs will outperform their draft spot.  In each case, as long as their offenses’ #1 threat (Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Clinton Portis) is healthy or not suspended, they’ll put up great numbers.


Jeremy Shockey – Shockey is moving to a pass-first, high octane offense in NO.  Yet most fantasy GMs aren’t marking up his value accordingly (especially Giants fans, who strangely seem to think Kevin Boss is just as good a player as Shockey.  Boss may be far easier to root for, but he’s not nearly as good at pass catching, especially deep or over the middle.)

Owen Daniels – I would mention Tony Scheffler, but he’s way too popular now to be considered a sleeper (I think every magazine and on-line source called him out as a TE sleeper).  Instead I refer you to Owen Daniels, who may not block worth a darn, but he’s got potential in Houston’s offense.

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